A Look Back at 2015

    Big Tex (1)

    Looking back on 2015 helped me realize what an awesome ride this year has been!  It really helped me get out of the funk that I had fallen in towards the end of the year. I hate to admit it, but I have not put on workout clothes or running shoes in over a month due to busy season at work kicking my butt. Blogging also came to a screeching halt and I missed sharing stories about the holidays with all of you. However, even when I am too busy to blog, I try to stay active on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.  There are lots going on behind the scenes that I am excited to share with you in 2016, but first… Let’s take a look back at 2015!

    2015 Was the year I…

    • got my first tattoo.
    • started training for my first (and only) marathon.

    Hot Chocolate

    • ran a 5K and 15K race back to back in the Dallas Hot Chocolate.
    • became a Premier Protein Ambassador and shared the goods with friends and coworkers.

    Lorna jane

    • did yoga in the middle of NorthPark Mall and met THE Lorna Jane (of Lorna Jane activewear)
    • completed a 20 mile training run (alone) and ate a huge stack of pancakes with my family afterwards.

    Eiffel Tower

    • ran 26.2 miles in the streets of Paris with more than 40,000 other runners.
    • toured the Louvre, consumed large amounts of wine & cheese, took a river cruise down the Seine, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and ate macarons in Paris.

    Downtown Dallas

    • celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary with a weekend in Dallas.
    • went on dates with both of my kids. Separately but often. Introduced my 8 year-old to drunk noodles and chicken lollipops at Chino Chinatown.


    • studied the geology of the mountains in Utah.
    • found the Little Grand Canyon and hiked Arches National Park in Utah.

    Swiss Ave home tour

    • took Sophia to tour the historic homes on Swiss Avenue in Dallas over Mother’s Day weekend.
    • let both kids dye their hair blue for the summer.

    Trey Guitar

    • visited Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas on our family road trip to Colorado.

    Colorado hiking

    • hiked in mountains of Colorado with family, in June. In the snow.
    • did yoga on the rooftop of the Westin hotel in downtown Denver
    • attended my 3rd Fitbloggin retreat and brought my family along for the first time.
    • completed my first (mini) triathlon!

    Coffee shops

    • shared my favorite coffee shops in Dallas.
    • led summer bible study at church as we explored Margaret Feinberg’s Fight Back with Joy!

    Running shoes

    • took an extended break from running.
    • started observing the Sabbath by resting, reading, and relaxing on Sundays.
    • celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday.



    For The Love launch party (6)

    • had dinner at Jen Hatmaker’s farmhouse, as part of the For The Love book launch team.

    First day of kindergarten

    • cried when my little boy started his first day of kindergarten and barely got a hug from my 3rd grader as she pushed me out of her classroom.
    • attended Blog Elevated Conference in Dallas.

    Before Pic Oxygen Challenge

    • joined the Ultimate Oxygen Challenge, a 90 day weightlifting challenge – but never finished.
    • met Siggi (of Siggi’s yogurt) who shared how he started his business in his apartment in NYC (btw, he is SUPER TALL).
    • joined Dallas Fitness Ambassadors
    • went to the State Fair of Texas with my family and saw Big Tex!

    Big Tex (4)

    • rode the Grapevine Vintage train to Fort Worth. Wore my cowboy boots and saw the cattle drive.
    • participated in the Write 31 Days challenge in October, which completely changed how I viewed blogging (more to come on this soon).
    • realized I had an Audible account with 6 credits and immediately downloaded Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Rising Strong by Brene Brown.
    • finally attended Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference in Chicago, which ended up being the VERY LAST conference.

    Zion ladies

    • spent my birthday in Utah with 13 other amazing women as part of the first Inspirator Retreat. We did early morning bootcamp, yoga under the stars,  and hiked in Zion National Park.
    • got my bag pulled by security in the Las Vegas airport because I was carrying a (small, plastic, toy) gun!
    • stopped blogging for a while so I could decide if I was really heading in the direction I wanted to go with my writing.
    • cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family.
    • picked out our first “real” Christmas tree for the holidays.
    • became a momentum jewelry ambassador.


    • attended the Texas Christkindl Market in Arlington and the Elf Movie Party at the Alamo Drafthouse for our Christmas Family Fun Day
    • closed down FoodandFitness4Real.com (it now redirects to StephanieSuire.com)

    Christmas cookies (2)

    • ate too many cookies, stopped working out and gained weight in December.
    • realized that the last few months were actually a season of rest for me, one that was much needed.

    Looking forward to all that is to come in 2016! I am kicking off the New Year by participating in two online projects; 30 Days of Hustle with Jon Acuff and the Eat, Pray, Hustle bible study by Havilah Cunnington. I’m taking bets on if I finish either project… not looking good after the 90 Day Oxygen challenge that last about 45 days. At least these are shorter challenges so maybe my attention span will outlast my initial commitment!

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