There are only three days left of summer.

Well, three days left until the kids go back to school. Everyone knows that the REAL end of summer is when the kids go back to school.

This summer, I hope you were able to go swimming, go to the beach or take a family vacation.  We went on a family cruise to the Bahamas and it was the perfect mix of relaxation and family fun.  In fact, one of my favorite things about our cruise was I had a lot of free time to read.  I read THREE BOOKS in seven days! Technically I finished one book I’d already started before the trip, and then I read two more.

One of the reasons I love summer so much, is the fact I have more free time to read. Yes, the pool is great but the real reason I go is so I can stretch out on a chair with a book while my kids splash in the water. My kids are homework free in the summer, so I can read before bed every night instead of helping them with math or science projects.

Beach reads, thrillers, chick lit, romance, literary fiction… It’s all on my list of the

Best Books of the Summer!

The Nearness of You by Amanda Eyre Ward is about the families we create, touch choices and explores the deeper meanings of motherhood.  It does include a surrogacy story but it is NOT related to fertility issues, which can be a trigger for some women.

Zoe is young and beautiful, and married to a handsome, powerful man in Manhattan.  It looks like the perfect life, but she lives in constant fear of her past being exposed.  In the The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti, Zoe starts to notice cracks in her perfect life.  She is not sure who she can trust,  not even her perfect husband.

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting a handsome, Italian chef and following him to Italy, you should pick up A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Reay.  This is a fun, easy read about following your dreams and includes wonderful imagery of art, food and Italian scenery.

Beach reads are always at the top of my list of Best Books of the Summer.  The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner is about a young Manhattan lawyer who breaks the rules at work and ends up searching for the truth of her past.  Her search leads her to a beachside B&B in Cape Cod, with a women who claims to be her half-sister.

During my work trip in Italy this summer, I took a day trip to the Cinque Terre. This is a cluster of five fishing villages, built into the hillsides along the Italian coast. It was a bucket list trip and I came home with beautiful photos of the colorful villages. In fact, I took a picture that is the EXACT COVER of Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. It is an intriguing story that takes place in a fictional 6th village near the Cinque Terre in the 1960s, then flashes forward 50 years to Hollywood.  One of the reviews on Amazon sums it up best: “It is about love and dreams and how we sometimes settle or find the fulfillment of our dreams in unexpected ways.”

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes & Joe Piazza is the ultimate, fun summer book. It pokes fun at the outlandish efforts women endure to look and feel their best. After her divorce, Janey embarks on a fitness journey that includes an expensive meal delivery service, a shaman’s tea ceremony, and exclusive secret exercise classes with a popular workout guru.

In her debut novel, The Futures by Anna Pitoniak, she tells the story of a young couple who moves to New York City after college in 2008, right before the financial crash. Busy with new jobs, they begin building the life they dreamed about.  Soon they begin keeping secrets from each other and spending more time apart. It is about the choices we face when we leave college and enter the real world.

If you love thrillers and suspense novels, you will enjoy I found You by Lisa Jewell. It is about  a single mom, Alice,  who discovers a man who has lost his memory. He has no idea who he is, not even his own name. Then she does something no single mom in her right mind would ever do… she takes him to her house and lets him stay with her, instead of calling the police. It combines stories from the past and present, as we try to figure out who this man really is and if Alice is safe with him in her home.

The Breakdown by B. A. Paris is the follow-up to NYT Bestseller, Behind Closed Doors, which I read earlier this year. While driving home late one night in the rain, Cass sees a women sitting in her car on a rural road. The next morning, she finds out the woman was killed soon after she drove by.  Then, Cass starts to notice she is forgetting things and becomes convinced the killer is watching her.  The Breakdown will have you second guessing every character and it was my favorite book of the summer.

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Did you read any good books this summer?  Are beach reads your go-to summer book, or do you like thrillers?  Did you take any fun summer vacations?

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  1. I love good science fiction! Have been devouring it this summer. Nnedi Okorafor and N. K. Jesemin. Read one “beach read” On Folly Beach.

    My light reading is a mystery…

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