Family Vacations Do Get Easier

Earlier this week, I was reading old blog posts on my first blog Suiresphere.  I came across this post and had to laugh. Family Vacations are never what you expect. Going on vacation was HARD when the kids were little. We said “Never Again” so many times, but we still go on vacation at least once a year.  Since we just returned from our family cruise, this was a great reminder that we have come so far in traveling with kids! The biggest complaint from the kids this vacation was 1) no wifi and 2) we forgot to pack snacks for Tallen. I am working on recaps of our family vacation. While I am busy writing, enjoy this post from the past (Summer 2010). What really happens on a family vacation Last weekend, we took a five day vacation up to WV to visit my family. I try to get back…

What to Do in Nashville

Nashville – Music City Several months ago, five childhood friends decided to take a girls trip. A weekend away from their everyday routines and busy lives taking care of their families.  After discussing destinations and travel options from four different states, they decided to boot scoot their way down to Nashville. Home to…