This weekend was packed with ALL THE FUN THINGS!  Well actually, the fun started on Thursday and continued through the weekend.

  • For lunch on Thursday, I went out with several co-workers for a birthday celebration.
  • Later that evening, I hosted a monthly Girls Night Out event at my house. Ten ladies gathered in my kitchen and living room drinking wine and Moscow mules, while we exchanged gifts a Favorite Things Party.
  • On Friday night, I met four of my friends at Lava Cantina, a huge restaurant, music venue that just opened a few weeks ago.  After drinks and dinner, we went upstairs to the patio to listen to the 80’s themed cover band.  The dance floor in front of the stage was packed with people while upstairs everyone was drinking, people watching and singing along to the music
  • Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Tallen’s 8th birthday at Altitude trampoline park in Grapevine with 18 of his friends. Plus a couple hundred other kids who were also jumping, playing dodge ball and having a blast.  Two hours of playing, eating pizza, cutting cake, handing out cupcakes and constantly counting heads to make sure I had not lost track of anyone.

When I am in the moment, I enjoy socializing and spending time with friends.  I get a contact high from being around others, but as soon as I am alone, I give in to the exhaustion. Sometimes doing too much is too much for me.  I am a high functioning introvert who NEEDS downtime after being around groups of people.

By Saturday evening, I was DONE.

So on Sunday, we slept late and skipped church.  I listened to the live stream of the service while I cleaned the kitchen and the kids played with Tallen’s new Minecraft toys in the living room.  After lunch, I offered to take the kids to the pool.  Not only do they enjoy swimming, I knew I could relax in a lounge chair and read a book while they wore themselves out. Two birds, one stone.

After the pool, we all changed into dry clothes and went off to various spots around the house to be alone. Sophia curled up on the couch with a blanket. Tallen played with his remote control car in the driveway. I sat on the patio with the dogs and read a book. Trey was playing his fourth show in four days, so he did not come home until after bedtime.

Thankfully the kids were tired too, so I made an easy dinner of spaghetti and salad. We ate leftover cake & cupcakes for dessert. Then everyone took baths and went to bed early with our books.   A slow, quiet Sunday evening was exactly what I needed before the beginning of the work week. This is also the last full week of school before summer vacation starts! 

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or a high functioning introvert like me? Is too much sometimes too much for you? 


  1. High functioning introverts, UNITE! Yup, this is me to a “T” and it’s why people never believe me when I tell them I’m an introvert. With proper care and feeding (lots of alone time) I can play the part of an extrovert quite expertly, thank you very much, but it takes it’s toll and makes me cranky pants. Love this post! Hurray for a quiet Sunday! Hard working mamas like you deserve that at least once a week.

    • Before we became friends, I would have never considered you an introvert. But I get it. We need our space, our quiet time, our “cuddle with dogs and leave me the heck alone” time.

  2. I am an ambivert so I totally get it! I have media events every day this week (it will be 7 days straight ?) and I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. It’s the small talk that absolutely drains me.

    • I try to limit myself when it comes to attending events, so I don’t get overwhelmed (and I don’t have time to write up every event). I find it harder to say NO to going out with friends because that is FUN. But I forget how much it wears me out.

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