I have a love/hate relationship with the first week of the New Year. January 1st feels like a blank page and the year before you seems full of possibilities.  Everyone seems excited to tackle their goals or start something new.  Swept up in the excitement, you declare, “I want to lose 20 pounds!” or “I am going to stress less and be kinder to my kids.”

Just a few days later, you forget to be kind and yell at your kids for making slime and getting glitter all over the table.  You still haven’t changed out of your stretchy pants and are sneaking the candy from the kids stockings (or is that just me?) and you feel like failure.  Not that, ahem, I’m speaking from experience or anything…

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, goals for focusing on #oneword like I have in the past, I am going to take it one month at a time.  Earlier this week, I gave you three tips on How to Set Goals for the New Year.    If you have time, go back and read the entire post. If not, here is a quick review:

  1.  First, write down all your goals for the year
  2. Once you have ideas on paper, group them according to the themes you start to see emerging.
  3. Pick ONE (two at the most) big goal each month and create an action plan to accomplish that goal

As I mentioned, 2018 has 12 months. Instead of trying to tackle all your goals in January, approach it one month at a time.  In addition to ONE big thing each month, you can include several smaller goals too.  But don’t let them distract you or take away your dedication to your ONE thing.

list of goals written on paper
The beginning of my big list of Goals for 2018

My ONE thing – January

My ONE thing for January is to start training for the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon. The race is March 10th in Austin, which means I have about 9 weeks to train.  Originally I planned to start training the week after Thanksgiving. It was going well for about a week, I ran three times. Then the next week I got sick and I worked through lunch most days, when I should have headed to the park nearby for a run.  .

My Action Plan – January

My action plan for January is to run 3-4 miles every Tuesday & Thursday, with longer runs (5-8 miles) on the weekends.  Three miles I can manage, but I really hope my running muscle memory kicks in over the next few weeks so I can make it through my long runs!  Since it is stupid cold outside, I had to run on the treadmill at the gym yesterday. I dreaded going to the gym on January 2nd  but it wasn’t that crowded. After I finished running and stretched, I felt energized and wanted to kick myself for wimping out on training last month.

January Goals 2018

  1. Start half marathon training (the big ONE)
  2. Take down Christmas decorations and put them away
  3. Enroll Daisy in puppy manners class
  4. Re-instate Sunday Family Dinners
  5. Complete new Life Insurance enrollment
  6. Get all work and blog paperwork to Trey to file our Taxes
  7. Call my grandmother once a week to check on Papa
  8. Post once a week on StephanieSuire.com
  9. Run two races; Bold in the Cold and Too Cold to Hold

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.  – Henry David Thoreau

Writing down my goals and posting them here provides me with motivation and accountability.   You can join me by commenting with ONE or a couple of your January goals. Or maybe you just want to write them in your journal or post them on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, whatever works for you.  Just don’t let the entire month of January go by without starting something that you promised to do in the New Year.

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