Another month has passed, so it’s time to update you on my progress with the Oxygen Challenge 3.  If you missed it, go back and read my OC3 Month 1 Update before you read about Month 2.

Oxygen Challenge 3 (OC3)

OC3 is a 90 day program hosted by Oxygen Magazine.  It includes a 3 month nutrition plan, exercise program and access to a private FB group.  This is my 3rd year to attempt the challenge and this year, Jamie Eason is my online trainer.  Again, I entered the optional Cover Girl challenge for the chance to be featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. 

Month 2

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Month 2 was pretty much doomed from the start.

This month included two week-long trips; a week in Italy for work and a week-long cruise to the Bahamas for our family vacation.  Of course, I told myself that I would make healthy choices as much as possible. But the wine, fresh pasta and pastries in Italy were amazing.  And I have to mention the mention the delicious 3 course dinners every night on the cruise. There were way more indulgences than healthy choices this month!

Instead of being super strict and critical of my nutrition this month, I allowed myself to ENJOY the food on both trips. Honestly, I will only go to Italy a handful of times in my life and I’m a huge foodie.  So the fresh gnocci, Trofie pasta with pesto and grilled seafood was worth every bite.  We ate lighter meals for breakfast and lunch, so it did balance out.

On the cruise, I was able to order lobster, steak, or salmon each night.  Wine and dessert were also a nightly treat, but again I didn’t worry about it because I was on vacation. I knew that I would not be able to continue these habits at home (my waistline and my wallet would suffer). Again, I ate reasonably for breakfast and lunch throughout the day, so I could save my appetite for dinner.


In the four weeks of Month 2, I exercised a total of four times.

Although I packed workout clothes for Italy, jetlag and my work schedule kept me from getting to the gym.  On the upside, when we walk to dinner each night and walk back to our hotel. On the last day, we took a day long tour of the Cinque Terre and racked up thousands of steps as we explored the fishing villages along the coast.

During the cruise, I did go to the gym twice during the week. Also, during our port day in Key West, we walked several miles while exploring the island.

However, traveling always interrupts my routine of going to the gym. It is more difficult to get back to daily workouts when I return from a trip. It took me longer than I expected to get back to the OC3 workouts.


Month 2 of OC3 was a little up and down.

I love to travel, so it was a fun month. But I know that exercise is a stress reliever for me and skipping workouts meant my stress levels were a little high. The week between Italy and the cruise was BUSY at work and I would have benefited from going to the gym.

However, I kept reminding myself that the interruption to my schedule was temporary and I could go back to my regular routine once the month was over.  The biggest boost emotionally was when I checked out my OC3 Month 2 progress pictures.

Progress Pictures

At the end of month 2, I was dreading getting back on the scale and taking progress pictures.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that I saw very little difference from the end of Month 1 (on the left) to the end of Month 2 (on the right).

While I did gain a few pounds back during Month 2 of OC3, seeing my progress pictures was the motivation I needed to continue the challenge.  It reminded me to NOT GIVE UP.  Every healthy choice I make, every workout that I complete, every recipe that I cook, is a step in the right direction.

Instead of giving up after a challenging month, I am getting back on track with OC3.  Although I may be a little behind from the other participants, I am staring Week 7 and the cutting phase of the program. That gives me about 5 weeks until my post-challenge progress pictures are due for the cover competition.  I can’t wait to see those results next month!

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