If you are like me, you stay busy taking care of work, family and your home. In fact, I can easily list 10 things I have done for my family in the last week:

  1. Went to the grocery store
  2. Cooked pancakes for breakfast
  3. Gave my son a bath
  4. Helped my daughter with her homework
  5. Taught my daughter how to cook tacos for dinner
  6. Sorted laundry
  7. Washed two loads of towels and bathroom rugs
  8. Helped my son with his turkey project
  9. Returned overdue books to the library (and paid for the fines)
  10. Put away clean laundry that was sitting on my dresser for a week

Your turn, what have you done for others this week? I bet it was easy to list all the things you do for others but what about yourself?

Self Care

I want you to name three things you have done for yourself lately. No, you can’t include “take a shower” on your list unless you have a newborn baby. Then a shower is about the only time you have for yourself.

I’m talking about self care. Being kind to your mind, your body, and your health.

I will admit that I am pretty good about self care these days. That was not always the case but after years of realizing I am a better wife, mom and friend when I make time for myself, I started making self care a priority. For me, it includes reading a book, going for a run, taking a yoga class, reading scripture, hiking or getting a massage.

Know When You Need It

A few weeks ago, I had a JAM PACKED weekend. I was up at 5 AM  on Friday to drive to Fort Worth for an 8+ hour professional engineering exam. This is a required exam for my petroleum engineering career and I’ve been studying for it for at least two months.

The next day was spent with family visiting from out of town, which is fun but busy. Early Sunday morning, I made bacon and pancakes for 9 people before we all got dressed for church. After church service, Sophia got baptized and we hosted a celebration lunch at our house afterwards. With a 3 1/2 foot homemade cake in the shape of a cross. Oh, did I forget to mention that I spent 5+ hours baking, frosting and decorating a 42″ long cake?

Monday was Halloween. If you have young kids, you know that Halloween is a BIG freakin’ deal. So I rushed home from work early to help my daughter with her make-up. I also spent at least 20 minutes looking for lost ninja swords for my son. Finally, we met up with our neighbors and walked the streets of our neighborhood with the kids to trick or treat.

By Tuesday morning, I was exhausted.

Knowing that I would need some self care and pampering following my busy weekend, I booked a Spa Day at Riviera Spa in Dallas on Tuesday after work.


Spa Day

Riviera Spa is located in the Travis Walk shopping center behind Fernando’s. Since street parking is hard to find, I parked in the underground parking garage and took the stairs up to the 1st floor. I checked in at the reception desk and was offered a glass of wine while I filled out some forms on an iPad. After changing out of my work clothes and heels into a cozy robe and slippers, I sat in the relaxation room and I forced myself to turn off my phone.

Stress from studying for the last few months had taken a toll on my skin, so I booked the Eminence Organic Facial. During a brief consultation with my esthetician, I told him my problem areas so he could customize my treatment.

If you have never had a facial, it is important to let them know your skin type or if you have any allergies/sensitivities.  Since I have sensitive skin, I asked for more gentle products.  My favorite part of facials is the steam and hot towels that they apply to your face. The 50-minute facial ended with a relaxing hand and neck massage.

After my facial, I sank into the spa pedicure chair and slipped my feet into the warm water. The massage chair was already on, so I leaned back and let it knead the knots in my back. Do I need to remind you that I spend 3 hours icing a 3 1/2 foot cake a few nights before? While my back was getting massaged, my legs and feet were also being exfoliated and moisturized. When I was running long distance, I often got spa pedicures after a race but it has been months since I indulged in a pedicure. It was so soothing and relaxing, the best way to end a crazy weekend/work day.



Riviera Spa

Be sure to check out the monthly specials, with special pricing on facials, massage and pedicures. I got the November “Orange You Glad” pedicure, which also came with a refreshing orange crush cocktail.

So let’s do a quick recap of what my spa day included…

Wine, comfy robe, relaxing facial, massage chair, spa pedicure and cocktail.


When is the last time you took time for yourself or had a day at the spa? The holidays are right around the corner, which means lots of traveling, shopping and parties. To look and feel your best heading into the holidays, I recommend you check out Riviera Spa in Dallas. Book a massage, facial, wax, spray tan or pedicure and enjoy a little self care! Or put a Riviera Spa gift card on your Christmas wish list!


  1. Brittany Giles Reply

    A good spa day is so essential and this place looks like it would def do the trick! You sound like you had a great experience!

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