That Time I Participated in a Cooking Competition

“Fifty minutes are on the clock!” the Chef shouted through his bullhorn as he stood at the front of the large, spotless commercial kitchen, “Ready, Set, Get Cooking!” Three teammates and I were gathered around a gleaming, stainless steel prep station covered with cutting boards and mixing bowls, each of us wearing matching green aprons and slightly panicked looks on our faces. We had just been given a challenge to cook, plate, and present an appetizer to the judges by the end of the hour. Actually less than an hour, 50 minutes, which was now counting down on a large clock on the wall. I was living my own Food Network dream by participating in a cooking competition at Team Building with Taste in Dallas. Team Building with Taste gives you a chance to test your cooking skills, build communication and show of your creativity in the kitchen.  This unique cooking experience allows you to compete against up to 3 other teams.  Each team…