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Catching Up over Coffee April 2017

If we were friends in real life, we could meet up over coffee and catch up about what is going on in our lives.  But like me, you are probably busy with work, kids, and a house to manage. Meeting for coffee is just another thing we don’t have time to fit in our schedules. So I created a monthly series of virtual coffee dates.  I’ll fill you in on what’s happened since we late met, then you can share something with me in the comments. After three “episodes” with vertigo in three months, I was fed up with my world spinning. My doctor gave me a referral for a physical therapist, so a few weeks ago I went in for an evaluation. The vestibular therapy involved sitting on an exam table, leaning back over two pillows while the therapist moved my head through four different positions. In each position, she would observe my eyes. Apparently the pupils quickly dilate and constrict as you…