2017 Year in Review

I’m still eating Christmas dinner leftovers and picking up bits of wrapping paper off the living room floor, but I’m looking forward to the New Year. January 1st holds the promise of a year’s worth of travel, memories to make and experiences to enjoy.  But before I can start planning and looking forward to what 2018 holds, I want to reminisce about 2017, so here is the Year in Review. 2017 Year in Review It was a year of big family vacations, saying goodbye to a beloved pet and saying hello to a new puppy. It was Trey going out on his own with a new band, the end of the first full year at a new school for the kids, and joining a new small group at church.  It was Sunday family dinners,  stand-up paddle boarding, an emergency trip to West Virginia and, at last count, 45 books that I read. It may feel like we…