Monthly Goals


January Goals 2018

I have a love/hate relationship with the first week of the New Year. January 1st feels like a blank page and the year before you seems full of possibilities.  Everyone seems excited to tackle their goals or start something new.  Swept up in the excitement, you declare, “I want to lose 20 pounds!” or “I am going to stress less and be kinder to my kids.” Just a few days later, you forget to be kind and yell at your kids for making slime and getting glitter all over the table.  You still haven’t changed out of your stretchy pants and are sneaking the candy from the kids stockings (or is that just me?) and you feel like failure.  Not that, ahem, I’m speaking from experience or anything… Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, goals for focusing on #oneword like I have in the past, I am going to take it one month at a time.  Earlier this week, I gave…