Last Friday, I tried out a new yoga class, Salty Beer Yoga at the Salt Cave of Southlake.  Yes, I said Beer Yoga.

Wait, you were wondering about the Salt Cave?  Well, so was I. Which is why I wanted to try out this class. My neighbor, Kem, took our girls to the salt cave a few months ago when they both had upper respiratory infections. Although I had heard about salt therapy, I had never tried it myself and thought Beer Yoga was a good opportunity.

Himalayan Salt at the Salt Cave of Southlake


First, let’s address the question that we are all asking. What is Salt Therapy?


A – Salt Therapy, aka Halotherapy, is a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions. This is no health fad – from the ancient Greeks to modern-day doctors, medical experts have championed its amazing effects.
Salt therapy is used to treat a variety of health and medical conditions. For sinus problems, seasonal allergies, asthma, bronchitus, and flu like symptoms, the salt removes pollen from the air, loosens the mucus in the body and reduces inflammation. Which means you can breathe easier and your body can begin to heal.  It can also help with skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

During a treatment at the Salt Cave,  the room is filled with very fine salt dust particles.  All you do is sit back, relax and breathe in.  After my first visit, I can give you a quick tip – if you sit directly next to the vent that puts out the salt, you will have a fine dusting of salt on your body by the end of the treatment. So if you want to stop in our your lunch hour or in the middle of running errands on the weekend, you may want to sit a little farther away from the vent. Yes, the dust brushes off fairly easily but this may save you some questioning glances when you head back to work.


At the Salt Cave of Southlake, they offer four treatment rooms.

Yoga Salt Cave – Breathe deep and relax.  The yoga salt cave offers a combination of yoga and salt therapy. As you breathe deeply during yoga practice, the salt can penetrate deeper into your lungs.

Relax Salt Cave – This dimly lit room allows you to lie back on comfortable chairs, fully clothed, while you breathe in the salt.  A treatment last 45 minutes and no phones are allowed.

Kids Salt Cave – in the kids Himalayan salt therapy room, the floor is covered with sea salt which the kids play in like sand. There are sand toys, trucks, slides to play in the sand or books for older kids.

Salt Bed – Just 20 minutes in the salt bed is equal to 45 minutes in the other treatment rooms. The private bed also allows you to expose skin that can benefit from salt therapy.

Yoga Salt Cave

Kids Salt Cave

Relaxation room at the Salt Cave


In addition to daily yoga classes and salt therapy treatment options, The Salt Cave of Southlake has special events.  Like Salty Beer Yoga that I attended last Friday night.

Our class started with a 30 minute Happy Hour, with beer, wine, mimosas and snacks. Then with a full drink in hand, we entered the Yoga Salt Cave where ours drinks were incorporated into an hour-long yoga class.  Salt dust was blown into the air during class. I was directly under to salt vent, so my yoga mat and my drink got a little salty during class.  Because of the salt, yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are provided, because once the salt gets on your mat it will stay there forever.  It was a low impact, intimate class that ended with a 10 minute savasana with the sounds of healing bowls being played in the background. I enjoyed the class, it was a fun, interesting way to wind down after the work week.

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The next Beer Yoga is scheduled for Friday, July 21st, however spots are very limited (7 total attendees) so be sure to register soon if you are interested.

Beer Yoga at the Salt Cave of Southlake

Beer Yoga at Salt Cave

Beer Yoga at Salt Cave

Tree pose at Beer Yoga at the Salt Cave

Have you ever heard of Salt Therapy? Would you be interested in trying it out? I recommend the Monday Special, where you can try out a treatment for only $20 a session!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Salt Cave of Southlake and this is NOT a sponsored post. I just enjoyed my visit and wanted to share my experience with  Salty Beer Yoga.


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