Wow, this was a BUSY weekend! But a fun one too. Sit back and I will catch you up on the last three days.


Clip on ponytail

Friday night, Trey had a show. So I stayed home with the kids for family night. We usually watch movies and relax on Friday nights and this week was no exception. I actually fell asleep on the couch while we were watching Storks (no, I didn’t miss much). Then I got my second wind and decided to clean out my bathroom closet and vanity drawers.

I recently started The Essentials course by Tsh Oxenreider. It is a simple, online course that includes 7 projects to simplify your life. Things like decluttering, setting routines, budgeting, etc.

Whether this is a life preserver or a reset button for you, my goal is to give you a structured, do-able game plan so that you can do just one project, then move on to the next whenever you’re ready. You got this. Just breathe, and focus on one thing at a time. – The Essentials by Tsh Oxenreider

Last week I tackled Project 1: Decuttering, by giving away or throwing away 10 things in 10 days. Which is how I ended up spending my Friday night cleaning out the bathroom closet.  I threw away hot rollers (seriously? I haven’t used hot rollers in decades), old makeup, half used candles, and expired medicine.  Then I found my “clip-on” ponytail and took some pics that I sent to my mom and sister. Why do I have a clip on ponytail? From the time I performed as a Can-Can girl in a low-budget horror film.  Which is an interesting story, but one for another day.

SATURDAYCoffee on the patio

Saturday was FUN but jam-packed.  Since I knew we would go gone all day, I started with coffee and quiet time on the patio. My favorite scripture study app is First 5 by Proverbs 31, so I watched Saturday’s video to catch up on the daily studies from the week. Then I grabbed my study bible and read the first five chapters of Job.  I only use apps to read scripture during the week and prefer my study bible or journaling bible on the weekends.

Medieval Times crowns Medieval Times crowns

Medieval Times Tournament

Medieval Times Dallas

Medieval Times Dallas

Soon it was time for It was Sophia’s 11th birthday party!  I was so happy she chose a party that required ZERO planning from me.  She chose to invite 3 friends to Medieval Times to celebrate.  We bought tickets to the 2 PM show and arrived around 1 PM to get in line for the castle.  Using her own money, Sophia bought each of her friends a souvenieer from the show.  They picked out a sword, a keychain, a purple dragon figurine.

If you’ve never been to Medieval Times, it is a unique experience. It is a dinner show, where you are guest of the king while watching knights on horses compete in competitions as entertainment. The culmination of the show is the jousting and sword fights at the end.  Each guest is given a colored crown, signifying which knight they will cheer for during the tournament.   We cheered for the red knight while he jousted and bravely fought the blue knight, but in the end he was defeated.

Since I knew from experience that you have to eat with your hands at Medieval Times, I had Sophia sneak in plastic forks and knives in her purse!  I dug into my roasted chicken and potato with my plastic fork and knife. However, like the girls, I used my hands to eat the corn and pound cake.


Coppell Farmers Market Fountains at Coppell Farmers Market Fountains at Coppell Farmers Market Fountains at Coppell Farmers Market Coppell Park Coppell Park

As soon as we returned home from the party and all the parents picked up the girls, it was time to head to the airport. My mom, niece and her cousin flew in from West Virginia and are visiting this week. I’ve been busy researching and planning fun things to do in Dallas for kids, ranging from ages 8 – 13 yrs old.  Spa nights, Escape Room, Perot Museum, art projects, movies and more are on my list.

First, we went to dinner at Twisted Root in Coppell. It is one of my top five burger joints in Dallas.  We sat on the back patio in the shade and shared burgers, fries, fried pickles and milkshakes. Then the kids cooled off by running through the fountains in front of the Farmer’s Market shed.  My kids love the fountains, but I was not sure if the teenagers would be too old to play. (Nope, they had a blast).  They dried off a little by doing gymnastics in the grass, but they were still wet when we all got in the car and headed to Tappy’s for frozen yogurt.

After baths and figuring out the sleeping arrangements, we stayed up late watching a movie.  The girls are also showering our dogs with attention, they will be spoiled by the end of the week!


Sunday mornings mean one thing in my house. Pancakes. This weekend was no exception. I also got some requests for waffles this weekend, so I made both. Plain pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, plain waffles and chocolate chip waffles.

After breakfast the kids played together and jumped on the neighbor’s trampoline.  Then my niece had a private gymnastics lesson at Spirit of Texas in Coppell. As a former cheerleader and coach, I was more than happy to take her to the cheerleading gym.  My daughter never caught the cheerleading bug, so I  have to live vicariously as a “cheer mom” through my niece. The gym was not air-conditioned so we were all sweating by the time we left.  We went home, ate lunch and headed straight for the neighborhood community pool.

At first the pool was relaxing, with just a few other families swimming. I even said to my mom. “It is so nice here today. Not very crowded. But watch, in about an hour, about a dozen teenagers will show up or something.” Less than an hour later, the door to the clubhouse opened and a birthday party with 20 kids came running out to the pool! It was total chaos. Boys between about 8 and 12 years old were doing flips off the side of the pool, passing football and climbing the fences around the playground. We stayed about another hour, but our relaxing day was over.


Cow Tipping Creamery Its Your Birthday at Cow Tipping Creamery Spa Night in

For dinner, I wanted to take everyone to Cane Rosso for pizza. The Carrolton location is closest to home, so we met Trey after his show.  We shared the fried mozzarella and three pizzas: Margherita, Zoli and Honey Bastard (an off menu item that I always order but our server did recommend it).  Instead of ordering the Bella Mela peach dessert pizza (with vanilla bean mascarpone, peaches, sea salt, caramel), we walked next door to the Cow Tipping Creamery truck.

Instead of sticking to my favorite Cow Tipping creating, At the Ritz, I tried the Southern Charm instead. It was good, but I missed the brown butter Ritz crumbs.  Sophia got It’s Your Birthday in a huge waffle cone and could not finish it all. She ended up scooping out some of the ice cream so she could eat the cone instead.

After our bellies were full, we headed home. I had promised the girls a Spa Night in, so I pulled out all my supplies; cleansers, scrubs, lotions, and a huge collection of beauty samples. They also used the foot spa, nail polish and Jamberry nail stickers.  I went to be long before the finished and woke up to a kitchen scattered with beauty supplies and used cotton balls!

It was hard to get up this morning, but I am back at work and drinking coffee to stay awake after my long weekend. I am used to getting a nap on Sunday afternoons but we were way to busy for naps.  We still have more fun planned this week, so be sure to follow along on my IG stories.

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